It's a massive up-level for your life and business.

It's letting your businesses' soul out of the genie bottle so it can finally touch the sky.

It's a combination of money mindset, intuitive energy work and taking aligned and strategic action in your business.

It's sweet freedom from the emotional prison that's been keeping you small, plateaued your income and kept you running in circles.

It's an indescribable lightness, because some emotions are so heavy yet "normal" you don't notice until they're cleared.

Once they are... all the energy that's been sucked out of you for, sometimes decades, can be used to envision and believe in your deepest desires. Constructing a foundation for your highest-self to build all that's in your heart.

It's the belief and acknowledging the bone-deep truth that you are worthy of your desires, that they are possible for you. Because... they are. But the shadow emotions you've unknowingly been carrying are like a thick smoke, blinding and obscuring your possibilities and limiting you.


When you’re an entrepreneur, you bring “all of you” into your business.

If a muddy mindset or having misaligned energy have been tripping you up, keeping you stuck in the same patterns of... not taking aligned action, spinning your wheels, procrastinating, shiny object syndrome, hiding and/or perfectionism to name a few... it's usually not easy to see "why".

I do not have a one-size-fits-all business building formula because your business is as unique as you are. It will be successful, and you’ll enjoy the fruits of that success when you have a deep connection to your intuition and full confidence in the actions you take from that space.

That said, I do have many business building skills up my sleeve. From goal setting, marketing, social media strategy, copywriting (I won’t write your copy, but I’ll happily read it over), etc...

On the business side, everything is figure-out-able, you seriously don’t need an MBA to run a successful business nowadays! Believing that you need one is an excellent example of a limiting belief BTY!

The sessions will alternate between the deep dive coaching and the business brainstorming and breakthrough sessions. I find this combination works beautifully.

It keeps you in action while getting you results fast.

When you’re taking (BIG) action while actively working on any blocks that come up at the same time, you can’t help but get to your destination quicker.


It's deep dive coaching, clearing stubborn and hidden blocks and creating space for your biggest visions


Who is Worthy AF Wealth for? This coaching program is for you if:

  • You are transitioning from a traditional work environment into entrepreneurship, you know that mindset is the #1 thing that will determine your future success
  • You either have a side-gig already set-up but hesitating going all in


  • You are still planning and dreaming about transitioning out of you corporate career, not sure what to do first


  • You are a full-time entrepreneur who's plateaued, you're working your ass off and can't imagine working MORE, but you want your life back and a bigger ROI on the blood, sweat and tears you've been putting in
  • You have an unshakable belief that you need to work HARD and exhaust yourself in order to be financially successful, you know... work weekends, late into the night, early mornings... burning the candle at both ends... maybe you recognize that this way of doing business is costing you your health or your relationships and deep inside you KNOW something has to give
  • You are experiencing boom and bust cycles in your business, you feel like you're always striving and never arriving and you're tired of this pattern, ready to shift it completely
  • You are ready to become the leader you know is inside of you, bursting to come out, and you want someone to hold the space for you during your epic expansion
  • You are a coach or healer yourself, you value the power of a conscientious container, of having a witness and open-heart walk with you to the place of your shadows, a hand to hold as you peel-off and shed ever more layers
  • You've experienced HUGE success and MAJOR setbacks and disappointments in business before, maybe you "lost" it all, and that's stopping you from taking big leaps, or keeps you playing smaller than you'd like


  • You have been out of the workforce raising a family, caretaking or something equally amazing and you feel it's your time to shine, but you're frozen about actually starting


Who is Worthy AF Wealth NOT for? This coaching program is NOT for you if:

  • You are unwilling to look at uncomfortable emotions and feelings, or explore the shadows that are keeping you stuck, this program will not work for you if you're not willing to dive deep with honesty, courage, and love
  • You aren't willing to take %100 responsibility for your life, thoughts, beliefs and actions
  • You are going to make me or anyone/thing responsible for your success/joy/happiness/inner-peace. I'm not a magic pill, but a guide and willing co-creator with powerful tools that you'll learn to use without me, if you've ever been in a cycle of co-dependency know that from the moment we agree to work together you are responsible for your results
  • You aren't ready to commit %1000 to the work, there will always be work to do in-between sessions, deep-inner work, there will be resistance to it, you REALLY need to be ready and to WANT big shifts



Your mindset has developed over your lifetime, it touches all aspects of who you are today.

My coaching style is holistic.

Money and business are portals, they are starting points (and ending points for your goals) but, our deep-dive sessions may take us to other areas of your life, such as relationships and health.

Nothing is off the table when it comes to clearing your shadows. If it’s energetically/emotionally connected to who you are and how you show up in the world we will cover it!

Goals and metrics are set at the beginning, we develop a fluid plan of action. I also get a good feel for the area’s of energetic alignment we will be diving into during our work together.

Tapping will be used to shift your mindset and energy; this will open many doors for you! That’s why I make it possible for you to record these sessions, you will most likely come back to them in the future and during our time together they will be part of your "in-between session" work.

If you've used EFT before and aren't sure it's for you (especially if your experience of tapping is from Youtube...), the #1 off-the-cuff feedback I get after a session is that "they've NEVER tapped like that before"!

I have a laser-focused, non-scripted and intuitive style that gets straight to the core of your issues, infused with channeled messages from source and an authentic and sometimes raw sense of humor ; )

By the time we finish the program you will be able to identify and work through blocks on your own, you’ll have used the tool of Tapping so much it will become second nature, and this is great news both for yourself and your business. 

Now that's what I call empowerment!

My wish for you is that you keep expanding and growing without the overwhelm long after our coaching relationship has ended, living life on your own terms with powerful tools in your back-pocket to get you there.

So you can keep taking aligned leaps in your business while empowered to work through any new blocks that inevitably come up whenever you stretch your goals and step outside of your comfort zone.



  • A 4-month private coaching program. I bring all of my gifts, tools and learning to the table for you, creating a unique coaching experience tailored to your life and businesses’ one-of-a-kind needs. 
  • Twelve 50-minute private coaching calls
  • You will be able to schedule 3 sessions per month, at your convenience (depending on my availability and your schedule).
  • You will have the option of recording each session (I HIGHLY recommend this), yours to keep forever for continued clearing and breakthroughs
  • All sessions are held virtually, so you can be anywhere in the world
  • Fast response email access to me for support and virtual can-can dancing and celebrations each time you shift closer to your goals
  • I will create a Trello board for you (popular project management tool), this will be where we share any information, a kind of coaching hub. That way you don’t have to search emails, everything will be in one place.
  • My promise to you to leave no stone unturned when ferreting out and clearing blocks and my fire-in-the-belly commitment to the vision YOU hold for your legacy 


  • An added 90 minute deep dive kick-off coaching call with me so we can hit the ground running! (Valued at $350)
  • Free instant and lifetime access to Activate Your Money Miracles - an online learning portal I created with love that houses over 60 bite-sized, easy-to-follow-along EFT Tapping videos tailor made for entrepreneurs with 6 modules (Valued at $397) covering:
    • Feelings of Safety around creating wealth and money
    • Feelings of Worthiness around money and business building
    • The energy around Free-Will and your life/business
    • Tapping into your greatest power, your Intuition
    • Developing deeper Trust, towards yourself, the Universe, your limitless possibilities
    • Feelings around Support, how you support yourself (energetically, emotionally and financially), how you gather support and how you give it


If You're Feeling a BIG YES to this Work...   Great, this is soooo exciting!

Fill out the application by clicking any of the buttons on this page and schedule your Worthy AF Wealth clarity call so we can connect face-to-face (virtually).

Let's start co-creating your glorious dreams limitless one, I can't wait!

Your investment for this program is $3,000 full pay OR a monthly payment plan of 3 x $1,027.

Because of the high-touch nature of this program there are limited spaces, please understand that there may be a waiting list. Serious candidates ONLY please.


Words of Love and Appreciation...

Liz Hudson

Editor | Little Red Pen

I've rediscovered joy in so many parts of my life. I've learned so much about my limiting beliefs and how I was holding myself back, and I have discovered a sense of self-respect when it comes to money. I've improved my earnings dramatically. I have turned down some poorly paid work and have been surprised by a couple of really juicy contracts. I marveled at how in tune and perceptive Rachel's listening and understanding were.

Karina Ladet

Intuitive Channel, Mentor & Healer

I love how Rachel showed me a BIG blind spot and helped me release it. Every time I expand my business in some way I can feel the overwhelm but as I bring awareness to it, it dissolves. This is so powerful and Rachel's support means that I can dive into my business with more confidence and joy! She's genuinely loving, caring, intuitive and sensitive to the layers underneath a block or resistance.

Sara Ann

Owner & Founder | Be Alive

Rachel helped me get into the nitty gritty around my beliefs and thoughts and ways around money. Listening to her amazing tapping instructions, I blew the cap off my blockage! I hit the wild goal she asked me to set! I couldn't even believe it. I very much believe if I hadn't worked with Rachel I would still be muddling about wondering what the heck I was doing wrong!!

Hiya, I'm Rachel Hansen!

I can help you transform your relationship to money and success on a deep and lasting level by helping you clear the hidden root causes to your blocks.

Tapping into your emotional wealth and cultivating THAT creates fertile ground for money-in-the-bank wealth.

If you run or want to run your own businesses having a deep awareness around your blocks and limiting beliefs and possessing tools to work through them will help you have a bigger impact and leave a lasting legacy built on heart.

If you're serious about reaching your business goals without totally burning out stop hoovering around waiting for things to change.

Everything can start to shift RIGHT NOW! All you need to do is decide.

I work with women who are full of passion, ideas and a dogged determination to build a better world through their talents, gifts and services.

Rebel-hearted change-makers and visionaries who've outgrown their limiting patterns.

Women who are ushering in these shifting times and building their businesses with fierce love. 

Does this sound like you?

I bring my utter love of business building, intuitive mindset work and channeled energetic alignment to the table with every person I commit to working with.

Creating a container for deep self-compassion, exploration, and excavation, a safe space you can bring your whole-self to without judgement.

Allowing you to release embedded beliefs and programming and embrace your gifts wholeheartedly, opening-up to the limitless possibilities that await you.

I believe that this is the foundation of any profitable business that feels GOOD to run.

...And isn't that what you want?

If you're ready NOW to step into your Worthy AF Wealth vibe hit the button below!

Do you have any burning questions or inquiries? Email me at [email protected] .


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