Money Miracles for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

My Personal Favorite High-Vibe Tapping

What are Money Miracles? They start with being completely open to the limitless possibilities of how money can show up for you and result in abundance flowing towards you. Here's the script I personally use!

I Want to Tap on Money Miracles!

Get Curious

This EFT script opens you up to your un-tapped creative reserves. When you become curious you're allowing new things to align with your vision.

Get Ready to Recieve

When you're blocking money miracles you're blocking yourself from allowing what your heart desires to flow to you. Let's change that!

Get Super High-Vibe!

This tapping may leave you buzzing and floating on air, that's the feedback I've gotten! It's a great vibe to take action in, expect the best.


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I'm Ready!