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Dive into your stickiest success blocks and flip them around with this guide.

15+ Key Questions to Transform Your Money Mindset and Business Energetics

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When you use this guide you'll:

Uncover blocks that're sabotaging your success and bumming you out

Reveal how much these blocks are costing your piggy-bank and how to change that

Discover how to shift and release your blocks, learning how to replicate the process

Who this guide is for and what it's about

You are... a heart-centered entrepreneur who's here to create an impact. A changemaker with big plans and an even bigger vison board. You are an expert at what you do and you're ready to get PAID for that expertise, like... SO READY!

Yet you know there are some money, business, or success blocks in the way of where you are today and where you KNOW you want to be. And... who's got time for that? #amiright??? 

In this guide I will teach you my Inner Wealth Breakthrough Method. You see, one thing I've learned over the years while working through my own blocks and with other heart-centered entrepreneurs is that it's really important for your Inner Wealth to be in alignment as you create and grow your "outer" wealth.

You're integrity and core values need to be seen, heard, respected, and honored as you scale your business. If they aren't you risk self-sabotage or other destructive patterns. I will show you how to both honor your core values and scale your business energetically.

Don't let your blocks stop you from living the life you crave!

"I feel so much calmer, excited about making money, and free from my old stories and fears after working with Rachel!"

Kelly Morgan
Confidence Coach


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Find out what your biggest blocks are, how to clear them, and how to do that over and over again whenever they pop up in the future!

Hi beautiful soul, Rachel here!

I'm an intuitive money mindset coach and inner wealth guide, and I'm so glad that we've found each other. I help heart centered entrepreneurs find the perfect alignment between their souls' calling and their juiciest dreams and desires by teaching them how to dissolve the limiting beliefs and hidden blocks they hold. I work with coaches, creators, experts and healers all over the world and I'm so happy to teach you my Inner Wealth Breakthrough Method to help you Turn Your Gunk in GOLD!


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