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Can Setting BIG Income Goals Open the Door to Self-Love?


I don’t need to tell you that setting goals and working towards them for your business will help it grow and thrive in every respect.

Books have been written, studies studied, and countless stories shared about it.

I know you know this.

People are always blown away when they, years down the line, stumble across goals made in the past and see how far they’ve come from where they were when they wrote them. Even if the goal outcome itself missed the mark, or if another path was...

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What is money mindset?

money mindset Sep 01, 2018

First, what is mindset?

Researcher, Professor of Psychology and author Carol Dweck separates mindset into two different categories; fixed and growth.  

  •  A fixed mindset believes that abilities are innate, immovable and based on fixed traits. It says "I can't do that, I don't know how, I'll never know how, it's not possible for me, that's just the way I am/it is". 
  •  A growth mindset believes that abilities and talents can be developed. There is room for...
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