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Why I'm a money mindset coach

"You teach what you most need to learn yourself."

If you run around in coaching, personal development or entrepreneurial circles you've heard this many times before.

It's one of those sayings that's... true.

I won't take you back too far, but I do need to rewind a little because I wasn't always stuck around money. I'm sharing this to show you how it happened for me and what I did about it in my humble attempt to help someone out there.

It seemed like everything was great, then it wasn't...

It didn't even feel like sh!t was about to hit the fan.

But in a nutshell, this is what led me to where I am now. I'm so deeply grateful for every step of this journey bty.

  •  I decided to leave a 15-year corporate career (as a flight attendant) because I didn't want to commute.
  •  Okay, cool, fine! I was excited to switch gears. I was ready to move on after 15 years. And... within a year I was a happy and enthusiastic Pilates instructor.  
  •  But... before I built my Pilates empire my husband and I wanted another baby, I got preggers pretty quickly. Yay!
  •  Our baby boy would be born with a rare and very complicated syndrome and that changed everything. 
  •  The Pilates thing didn't work out. I couldn't find a studio that would accommodate all the time I needed to take off or switch to accommodate my sons busy medical/therapy schedule.
  •  I struck out on my own but couldn't manage to fill my classes, it was ONE BIG STRUGGLE. Stories around money were created, and others that had been lying dormant reared their heads. I didn't realize it at the time but I was a puppet to my scarcity mindset.

I wanted to work, I loved teaching Pilates, it was very satisfying watching others transform. I tenaciously tried to hold on to my independence through a job I enjoyed.

And... of course, I wanted to help my baby as much as I humanly could.

On the outside, I became super-mom (I couldn't let anyone see me struggling or... god forbid... sad) but on the inside, something had died. This was a dark time in my life that lasted years.

The thing that saved me was my mindfulness practice. I'd been studying it off and on for some time. It helped to keep me grounded when I worked as a flight attendant.

I had an epiphany in the kitchen one day (as you do!)

I'll never forget reading an article in the New York Times about how mindfulness practices were greatly improving the lives of the PARENTS of kids with special needs.

A knowing took over me. This is what I was meant to do... somehow.

I knew mindfulness was helping me, and in my hand, I held an article showing scientific evidence of the efficacy of what I was already doing on a certain level.

I decided then and there to become a mindfulness coach to moms in overwhelm. I set out to build my business. I named it A Space to Breathe.

Here's a blog I wrote back in the day. 

I worked at it for a couple of years. Worked and worked and worked and worked and worked... you get the picture.

But... that didn't pan out either.

Nothing I did worked, or if it did, it was extremely hard work (read; no sleep and very little income). I even tried writing copy for other coaches for a short while because it was paying my bills, but once again, it was hard and a struggle and not my zone of genius. I was settling and it was killing me.

I was at my wit's end, I couldn't understand how I could go from gainfully employed to where I had ended up. I had many teary nights worrying about EVERYTHING. From money to my kids' health, to living so far from my family of origin.


More than anything else I wanted to start making money (so I could feel secure about taking the best possible care of my kids AND be able to visit the family and country I missed so much) feeing the rest would just... fall into place.

Up until that point I'd invested in my business for "all the shiny things", but not mindset, much less money mindset. I tried some popular programs but didn't see or feel any big results.

Then I tried Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) on money blocks.

Holy shizzle. The floodgates of so much pent-up emotion suddenly came pouring out. For days, weeks and months, I did the work of my mentor, Margaret Lynch.

It started to transform and shift me in deep ways. Unexpected ways. And, people started finding me.

Contacting me and asking to work with me. I could hardly believe it!

Repeat after me, No Struggle.

Within a couple of months, I signed-on for her signature Coaching Certification Program - Tapping into Wealth.

A year (and many breakthroughs) later I held my Tapping into Wealth Certification in my hands. 

That's how and why I became a money mindset coach.

But really, it's so much deeper than just mindset.

What I learned by doing this work before and during my certification was that money, like everything else, is indeed energy. And when your energy is "off" it will affect every aspect of your life, "all the energies" if you will.

Wealth, health, relationships. All of it.

I also learned that if you don't properly process your emotions as and when they come up they will stay with you, embedded into the cells of your body and become part of your cellular memory until you're brave enough to look at them, summon them, honor them and finally release them.

If we don't do this work they drive our limiting beliefs, blocks and all the excuses we make about why... why... why we can't ___________ (fill in the blank).

In retrospect, I believe the Pilates and/or coaching mindfulness with my previous biz, A Space to Breathe could have worked (if I would have done this deep work sooner).

But back then I was steeped in shadow emotions and functioning through the framework and perspective of my limiting beliefs.

I now help the women I once was. Women full of passion, ideas, with a longing in her heart and a dogged determination not to give up on her dreams who knows there's some deep inner work to do. 

Rebel-hearted change-makers and visionaries who've outgrown their own B.S. and excuses. An army of women who are ushering in these shifting times with fierce love.

That's the work I do, and why I do it.

Deep in the weeds and into the darkest shadows, I leave no stone unturned with my clients.

If you suspect you have blocks you want to heal and clear around money (and, as my personal experience illustrated, money blocks don't always look like money blocks) take a look at my membership - The Holistic Wealth Incubator

Have you done this kind of inner-game work before?

Let me know in the comments if you have done or have questions about money mindset work, I'd love to hear it!


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