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What is money mindset?

First, what is mindset?

Researcher, Professor of Psychology and author Carol Dweck separates mindset into two different categories; fixed and growth.  

  •  A fixed mindset believes that abilities are innate, immovable and based on fixed traits. It says "I can't do that, I don't know how, I'll never know how, it's not possible for me, that's just the way I am/it is". 
  •  A growth mindset believes that abilities and talents can be developed. There is room for change. It says "I don't know how to do it yet, but I can learn".

Watch this TED talk where she explains the power of yet.

It's pretty simple and straightforward to understand, and it's bloody brilliant.

At its roots are how the two different mindsets react to what you are capable of achieving and how you process failure.

The implications of that when running a business are enormous.

Most coaches and entrepreneurs I know have a growth mindset when it comes to their businesses and life in general.

How is money mindset different?

People can hold a growth mindset about their life purpose and a business that's sprung from it, but a fixed mindset when it comes to money. 


  • We humans put the concept of money into a very special little box in our minds. What it means to you and how you relate to it becomes very "concrete" and fixed. This can come from your upbringing, culture, society, media... a plethora of places.
  • You download all that information as mantra's repeated until they are etched into your mind or events/trauma's you saw happen around you or experienced directly. 
  • Your programming and beliefs about it can seem like the only reality that exists and tends to live 'outside' of you.
  • From that perspective, there is no control. Because it appears to be happening to you, that you're a passive onlooker. 
  • Excuses and 'all the reasons' as to why you don't or can't have or make as much as you truly desire is a result of having a fixed money mindset. 

Is it possible to change a fixed money mindset into a growth money mindset?

The answer to that is easy. YES.

The implementation of the answer, on the other hand, requires courage and a deep commitment to your personal growth.

Shifting all of the beliefs you've picked up and adopted since childhood, vows you've made that, until you look into your shadow, you'd fight tooth and nail for as the absolute truth.

Moving any stuck energy that has been held in the cells of your body, signaling pain and pleasure in your nervous system as a reaction to even the thought of money! This is the mind/body/money connection.

The mind/body/money connection happens unconsciously and repeatedly many times a day. Becoming aware of it is a big part of shifting your money mindset.

You can shift from a fixed money mindset into a growth money mindset!

No matter what you've experienced in the past, regardless of your current situation, once you pinpoint your blocks, programming and limiting beliefs, get to the roots of them and release all the energy around that, YOU CAN SHIFT.


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