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The LIGHT side of your money shadows

Why shed light on your money shadows?

Let's get REALLY real today.

Why should you shed light on your money shadows and what does that mean?

It means looking at things that may feel uncomfortable to look at. Things that perhaps you've learned to push down, ignore or repress probably from a young age.

Would you like to embrace and begin to embody a miracle money mindset and energy?

It's an energy of wonder and curiosity about your infinite possibilities as a woman, an entrepreneur, a human with gifts, passions, and YES, desires.

The best way to do that is by shedding light on your shadow emotions when it comes to money and wealth.

I don't know about you but I was raised to "think positively" no matter what was going on around, and actually... especially during tough times.

But if you scratched the surface you would have found worry and fear, even if it was disguised with a smiley face.

This is one of the ways the shadow is created.

There's nothing wrong with thinking positively, but when it comes at the expense of honoring your deepest and very real (and raw) emotions, being dismissed and discounted because of them and watching others do the same ...the cost is a piece of your inner sanctity.

When emotions like fear, sadness, grief, anger, rage, shame, guilt... (you get the picture) are not given room to express themselves and move through you, they become bottled up in your body, enmeshed in your nervous system and bubble up as a negative inner/outer critic, and sometimes even health issues.

Influencing your thoughts, behaviors, and actions (or lack of).

I've yet to meet a person who doesn't have a money shadow.

You are far from alone!

It just feels that way because talking about money is taboo for so many.

Whether you grew up with very little, with loads or somewhere in the middle you received messaging about money, from family, society, culture.


Sometimes it's traumatic, but often it's passive and hypnotic. 

I want to open up some space for you to recognize that and honor whatever energy you've picked up and absorbed.

It's not your fault. It's not anybody's fault. There is no blame, absolutely 100% none.

And, there's no need to protect anyone else. When you honor your own journey and stories, healing them, you also honor those that influenced your journey.

It amplifies your ability to forgive and cultivate compassion first towards yourself and then others.

Because... until it's addressed your money shadow can continue to subtly drive actions and behaviors that keep you stuck, in cycles of boom and bust or even sabotaging your best efforts.

If the thought of looking at your negative emotions makes you cringe you can start today with giving yourself permission.

Permission to explore your money shadow.

Nothing bad will happen to you because of it, and there's such a bright light at the end of this tunnel.

The positivity that blooms from this is real and palpable, not a kind of "soldiering on" positivity (you know... putting on a brave face, keeping so busy as not to feel... soldiering on can show up in so many ways).

You may be asking, what happens after finding the blocks.

I use EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique on myself and the people I work with to help release and heal any wealth wounds.

It holds the power to shift you cellularly and energetically, shedding years of emotional weight and replacing the inner-scripting that instructs so much.

Do you use or have you ever tried EFT? Or, is this a new concept to you?


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