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Can EFT help your business make more money?

Can EFT help you make more money? Yes and no.

It can help you find inner peace so you aren't running your business from a mountain of stress.

And, if you learn how to use it properly it will obliterate the money blocks that are commonly found both in entrepreneurship (how we set goals, market ourselves, price our services/products, show up and share our gifts, etc...) and on a personal basis (how we save, spend, pay-off debt, invest, set goals, etc...).

But before I jump ahead of myself...

What is EFT? 

It stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is widely referred to as Tapping.

It's based on the meridian points found in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure points that are tapped on to move blocked energy (chi).

If this is the first time you're learning about it, it may sound weird and a bit woo-woo. I know that's how I felt when I first discovered it. But there is mounting scientific data that's proving it's efficacy, and moreover, countless success stories and testimonials from people all over the world that have used it to overcome:

How does EFT work?

By tapping on specific acupressure points you're interrupting the wiring of your nervous system that works like an electrical grid all over your body.

EFT flips the switch on your fight/flight/freeze response and neutralizes the triggers that are associated to thoughts and beliefs (in my work, thoughts and beliefs about money, success and your abilities/possibilities to create wealth).

EFT disconnects your thoughts from the autonomic nervous reaction (fight/flight/freeze), calming your sympathetic nervous system (lowering your stress response) while activating your parasympathetic nervous system that's connected to relaxation and inner peace.

Is EFT for you?

Most people (regardless of the amount of money they possess) react to money with a stress response (a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival).

Money can be triggering AF.

If you want to bring your "best self" to the table in life and business, functioning under the stress response is not the way to do it. EFT eliminates or reduces the stress response, it lowers cortisol and basically helps you chill TF out.

This state, in turn, opens doors to the best ideas, creativity and all the possibilities out there that you can't see when you're in the midst of a stress fog.

Here's a video I made that goes into depth about how EFT rocks!

So... is EFT a magic solution that can help you make tons of money?

By clearing your money blocks with EFT:

  •  You'll have more energy for your business (blocks are BIG energetic black holes) 
  • Increase your ability to access your intuition easily and turn on your inspiration faucet 
  • Take action not out of fear but with confidence (like booking and closing sales calls, marketing yourself through the lens of service rather than "have to do" or shame, pricing your products/services in alignment with your highest self and not just to barely survive) 
  • Gain massive clarity around blocks that aren't just limiting your earning potential but often causing kinks in relationships and health 
  • Learning how to use a tool that will clear them will have a huge impact on your life, once you learn how to do it you can use it whenever issues arise, around ANYTHING.

If just some of the things on this list will help you generate more money and create wealth then yes, EFT will help you make more money!

But you need to do the DEEP work, the work that reaches way down underneath any scary emotions.

Tapping on creating a $20,000 month from a Youtube video isn't going to cut it. 

You have to dive into your shadow emotions first. So you can reboot your money mindset to one that brings you inner peace and allows you to thrive in life.

This work is foundational, if you skip it you'll circle back OR always feel like "there's never enough" no matter how successful you become. Its own kind of hell for sure.

That's why the goal of my work is inner (money) peace. 

What emotions are driving your money? Do you know? Have you ever wondered, because there are definitely emotions based on thoughts, constructed from beliefs that become patterns that are running your money?

If you're ready to start working through your money blocks in a deep and lasting way check out Activate Your Money Miracles here.

It ticks all these boxes and more!


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