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Can Setting BIG Income Goals Open the Door to Self-Love?


I don’t need to tell you that setting goals and working towards them for your business will help it grow and thrive in every respect.

Books have been written, studies studied, and countless stories shared about it.

I know you know this.

People are always blown away when they, years down the line, stumble across goals made in the past and see how far they’ve come from where they were when they wrote them. Even if the goal outcome itself missed the mark, or if another path was taken along the way, the initiation of the goal, the taking inspired and deliberate action led to other more significant things that never would have been discovered otherwise.

But sometimes setting goals can lead to disappointment and frustration. And that’s what lingers and haunts you years later, causing you to avoid that pain again. The thing is... that's where the gold lies. 

I’d like to suggest that goal setting can be a gateway to personal and spiritual growth and an act of profound self-love.

I know… this flies in the face of what many heart-centered entrepreneurs believe way deep down inside.

Here’s what I hear from my clients time and again when we start digging deep on why they’re not setting business and income goals:

  •  Goal setting is a “un” spiritual act
  •  Making (lots of) money from my gifts and creating wealth isn’t spiritual.
  •  Setting goals will stop the “flow” of inspiration that I need to help people
  •  It feels too constraining. I need my freedom!

What if I said that the complete opposite is true. Or rather, that you can reboot your mindset entirely so that setting goals become a healthy part of your business building.

Because not setting goals is a form of self-protection from past hurt and pain, a way of staying inside of your comfort zone and KEEPING YOU STUCK.

Whenever I come across this kind of money block (because that’s exactly what it is) a complete re-frame is in order.

Here’s why I believe in my heart of hearts that goal setting can be a game changer for your business and how maybe you’ve had it all backwards up until now.

Doing it will bring you face-to-face with your deepest limiting beliefs, ones you’ve picked up along the way, often in childhood. It will unveil your darkest thoughts about what’s possible for you, about your capabilities and your worthiness.

I know, I can hear you now… but Rachel, why on earth would I ever want to do that?


Because your thoughts become your reality. Period.

If you want to change your reality, triggering these thoughts (the ones that habitually get shoved waaaaay down deep inside, but bubble up countless times a day and drive your actions, that create your reality) is a handy thing.

Wouldn’t you agree?

If you hold these shadow emotions toward yourself and the world, then finding them and healing them, knowing how to recognize and clear them allows for deeper understanding about why you tick the way to do. 

And you can finally show yourself the love and self-compassion you deserve.

As long as you avoid the shadow emotions that cause discomfort when doing something like, say... setting BIG stretch goals, they will remain in the driver's seat, silently steering your thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

Once uncovered, you can start to acknowledge and accept ALL OF YOU.

These shadows have been carried by you for a long time, and the reason they wreak havoc is that they aren’t honored. This is where the self-love comes in. You get an opportunity to love yourself wholly, scars, flaws and all.

It’s a beautiful thing. And we all have this. It’s hard to admit at first, and it’s hard to look at, but if you can start to look at setting goals as a way to know yourself better, and keep doing that as you take action on those goals (because your stuff will keep coming up) with this knowledge you’ll start hitting your goals and loving all of you more.

Awareness is curative. Opening up to this re-frame can completely transform your life and business.

I help my clients clear their money blocks with EFT (emotional freedom technique) otherwise known as Tapping. We take all the limiting beliefs, shadow emotions (anger, fear, guilt, shame, and disappointment) and transform them.

Do you set income goals for your business?

Does the thought of it make you feel queasy?

I'd LOVE to know, please comment and share. This has been a big game changer for the people I work with, help me get the word out!


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