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About So Much More Than The Money!

Hey, I'm Rachel and I help women who run their own businesses get over their money blocks so they can have a bigger impact and leave a lasting legacy built on heart!

If you're serious about reaching your business goals without totally burning out stop hoovering around waiting for things to change. Everything can start to shift RIGHT NOW!

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Let's get to the HEART of the matter... shall we.

Do you feel inner (money) peace? 

Would you like to? I can help you do it.

I will ferret out limiting beliefs and blocks and guide you to heal the wounds that have been buried and smushed down for waaaay too long. You've been dragging them around without even knowing it, and they're energetic black holes. I help you release them into the eather. Buh-bye!

Long held beliefs are stubborn and the vows you've made around money are hidden (and want to stay that way).

But they're hurting you. They're hurting your profits, your sense of self worth, your joi de vivre!

I work from a place of compassion and understanding.

We all have demons and dark places, so there is absolutely no judgment here. NONE. 

And when I figured out that the Law of Attraction can only go so far without the shadow work? 

I stopped playing love and light pony with my clients and the fast, consistent results they got reinforced that we were doing the right things. 

My approach is heart-centered and holistic, because we've both got to have A LOT of love when facing, shifting and clearing the blocks lurking in your shadows.

Are you ready to fling open the gates to limitless possibilities?

Hello Beautiful Soul!

When I started coaching I had a HUGE vision and felt unstoppable. Yet, I was in a constant state of panic about my business, not reaching my goals nor making much of a living. This period ended up lasting years... I was burnt-out and broke!

It wasn't until I started doing deep mindset work and healing past traumas that I was able to shift and transform all my past negative money programming.

Today I bring my love of business building and mindset work to the table and help women all over the wold build wealth holistically.  The work is deep, powerful and rewarding.


Shift your relationship to money and success on a deep and lasting level by clearing hidden root causes

Doing that allows you to embrace your gifts wholeheartedly and open-up to the limitless possibilities that await you! I believe that this is the foundation of any profitable business that feels GOOD to run. And Isn't that what you want!


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