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shadow dancing

The total approval of all of your "parts", especially the ones in your shadow (that are hidden) will liberate TF out of you. I'll guide you and help make it NOT scary.

emotional mastery

When you get a handle on how to work with your emotions in an empowered way you can honour them deeply AND not react from a place of activation.

mindset wizardry

How do you believe something is possible before there's any tangible proof? With mindset wizardry that rewires your brain, beliefs and behavioural patterns.

Turn TF Onnnn

Turning your flicker into raging flames by getting kinky and turned on by your desires, your shadows, and yes... even your mindset fucks and all the feels WORKS a charm.



I'm Rachel, aka The Worthy Af Bruja.

I'm an intuitive life coach and an empowerment witch. I love guiding you in owning your deepest desires unapologetically and helping you remember that your worth is inherent and divine.


choose your adventure


Swamp For The Revolution is a FREE monthly community event I host every full moon for witchy humxns committed to collective healing. Taking care of yourself emotionally and mentally is an act of love and a vital part of visionary social change.

Brujas' Blog

I'm in a constant state of curiosity, exploration, and magickal evolution. When I'm really on top of things I write them down and share them via my blog. As I phase social media out of my life, this is where my inner-brewings go.

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Would you like allll the details on my six-month 1:1 container? Find out what New Era Alchemy is exactly and if it's a good fit for you, the next steps to take and all the things you want to know here.

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You're busy, you have a killer gut instinct and you want to cut to the chase and talk to me to make sure we vibe. I get it... I'm the same way and I LOVE working with people who know what they want. Book your discovery call here.

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Rachel’s work is incredibly profound.
Firstly, she’s a powerful space holder: no aspect of the shadow is too petty, too heavy, or too dark: all are met with her loving attention which is also playful, and insightful. She then weaves a web bringing together disparate elements, and it’s in the tapping work that magic really happens. I experienced profound lasting shifts in just one session. Going deeper with her is a life changing experience: one of integrating aspects of the shadow, and then, the amazing part: accessing and opening our own inner portals of creativity, healing and abundance.

Dr Gretta Taylor

Last year I had some serious personal business to conduct; the kind that involves pretty much all of your life savings. My energy level was close to zero and fear was haunting me day and night. After working with her I got immediately ahead with the decisive transactions I had to go through to fulfill my dreams. The returns were better than what I expected! My mojo was back, as if the pieces of a scattered puzzle were all coming together. I feel so powerful now because of all the barriers I managed to overcome; I never knew I could negotiate with such ease, never knew I could stand for myself so strongly. Working with Rachel started a momentum which benefits still flourish today, because once you start pushing your limits the possibilities seem endless... 

Coco Charriere