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15+ Key Questions to Transform Your Money Mindset and Business Energetics

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This is a holistic approach, it's about making a good living using your natural talents and cultivating money harmony, mind, body and soul!

Transform Your Relationship with Money

Money is energy, and how your personal energy attracts or repels it has everything to do with your deep beliefs. I help people transform these sticky suckers.

Embody the Energy of Empowerment

I don't do the work for you (I can't, actually). You learn the tools and techniques yourself, and use them until they feel second skin. It's liberating AF.

Hiya, I'm Rachel.

I help women transform their relationship to money and success on a deep and lasting level by helping them clear the hidden root causes to money blocks.

Tapping into your emotional wealth and cultivating that creates fertile ground for money-in-the-bank wealth. 

I work with women who are full of passion, ideas and a dogged determination to build a better world through their talents and services.

Rebel-hearted change-makers and visionaries who've outgrown their limiting patterns.

Women who are ushering in these shifting times and building their businesses with fierce love. 

"When I found Rachel, I wanted to finally clear my money story. I was having a lot of fear and lack around them my whole life and feeling so disappointed and fed up with the same situations repeating themselves, looking for a way to finally breakthrough. After working with Rachel... Oh my god - I feelĀ a world apart! I feel so much calmer, excited about making money, free from my old stories and fears! 100% I would say that if you want to stop living in fear and lack about money, Rachel is the coach for you. This is really deep healing and I got so much more out of it than just working on my money stories and mindset - my self-worth, self-love, and acceptance are really there now. I've definitely seen a change since working with Rachel"

Kelly Morgan
Confidence Coach

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